2017 Term 3 Overview

Dear Level 3 & 4 Parents,

Welcome back to Term 3, we hope you all had a restful and relaxing break, and were able to keep warm. As always, Term 3 is going to be a busy term, with many learning opportunities for students to participate in.

Appointments with the teacher

Should you wish to speak to your child’s home group teacher we invite you to email us directly to arrange a suitable time to meet and discuss any concerns you may have.  As we are sure you understand, learning time is sacred and our absolute priority, therefore at these times our attention is dedicated to the students.


Mrs. Rebecca Ryan: rryan@olgcdeepdene.catholic.edu.au

Mr. Andrew Dodds: adodds@olgcdeepdene.catholic.edu.au

Miss. Sophie Mackinnon: smackinnon@olgcdeepdene.catholic.edu.au  

Miss. Bridget Cashin: bcashin@olgcdeepdene.catholic.edu.au

Specialist Classes

3R 3D 4M 4C
Tuesday: Art, Italian

Wednesday: Music, Sport

Friday: Library odd weeks

Tuesday: Art, Italian

Wednesday: Music, Sport

Friday: Library odd weeks

Tuesday: Music, Sport

Wednesday: Art, Italian

Friday: Library odd weeks

Tuesday: Music, Sport

Wednesday: Art, Italian

Friday: Library odd weeks

3R and 3D – Sports Uniform to be worn Mondays and Wednesdays

4M and 4C – Sports Uniform to be worn Mondays and Tuesdays


In 3/4, class blogs will continue to be used on a regular basis. Students will access their teacher’s blogs to source homework tasks, links needed to complete classroom activities and to respond to blog posts. We also encourage parents to subscribe to their child’s homeroom teacher’s blog, so that you can see what is happening in the classroom.

Blog Addresses:

Mrs Ryan: http://rryan.global2.vic.edu.au/

Mr Dodds:  http://mrdoddsclassblog.global2.vic.edu.au/

Miss Mackinnon: http://missmsclassblog.global2.vic.edu.au/

Miss Cashin: http://misscashinsclassblog.global2.vic.edu.au/


Term 3, students wear winter uniform. Students are not required to wear their hats during snack and lunch times, however this is still an option.

We ask that students show responsibility by wearing their uniform correctly, and wearing their sports uniform only on allocated days. Consequences for incorrect uniform include time out during snack or lunch time, and a note will be sent home.

Late Arrival/Absences

As per school policy/legal requirements students arriving after the 8.55 am bell are required to enter through reception and be signed in by a parent/carer and must have a reason stipulated, for example appointment, traffic, family, etc. Late arrival reasons are entered onto the roll’s database along with reasons pertaining to school absences.

Just a reminder that class diaries are a great communication tool where student absence notifications can be recorded for the teacher.


In Term 3, students will continue to learn useful phrases while participating in classroom activities such as asking permission, requesting help, asking for repetition, praising and complimenting. They will learn about the different types of transport used in Italy and give factual information about a type of transport supported by graphics or illustrations. They will also learn to identify the similarities and differences between transport in Italy and Australia.

Physical Education

  • Practicing and refining throwing, catching and dribbling skills
  • Performing movement sequences in invasion field games (basketball & netball)
  • Development and practice of a range of Athletics skills, including throwing, jumping and running activities.
  • Demonstrating teamwork and fair play and adopting inclusive practices in games
  • Applying basic rules and scoring systems when participating in games
  • Continued application of basic game strategies and tactics in “invasion” type games (court games – basketball and netball) ie defense and attacking strategies

The Arts (Music & Visual Arts)

Visual Arts

Throughout term three grades three and four will complete art works related to weather and the environment. Initial studies of Hokusai’s Great Wave will allow the exploration of shade and shape. Students will experiment with using paint  to create tone and texture.

Please follow Ms Blanch’s Blog to see images from lessons and masterpieces in progress.

Music – Year 3

In term two, students cemented their understanding of beat and rhythm, demonstrated understanding of reading known rhythms, were introduced to the music staff and demonstrated knowledge of known melody pitches. After developing their repertoire of folk songs in term 1 and 2, students will continue to develop their aural and visual understanding of solfege signs (so, mi, la, do and re) and prepare for ‘high do’ and ‘low la’. Students will continue to develop aural and visual understanding of known rhythms and prepare for new 16th note rhythms through learning new song repertoire. Students will develop writing on the music staff, other notation exercises, relating to elements extracted from known song material from term 2.

Students will develop activities, movement routines and games to help process new elements to be extracted from known and future songs to be learned in term 3. Students will also apply known solfege and rhythms to explore popular music and perform these song fragments on xylophone instruments.


Fortnightly visits for each class will continue this term. Library sessions consist of shared reading: this may include listening to a picture fiction book, a chapter of a novel or a highlighted section of a non fiction text. Students will be encouraged to borrow a range of texts to both keep in book boxes in classrooms for Literacy sessions and to bring home. Please check with your classroom timetable for your child’s library time.  


During English this term students will be immersed in the Procedure and Information Report writing genres. Students will explore the structure of procedures and information reports, composing their own writing pieces and unpacking quality examples.

An ongoing focus throughout the year will be to develop their knowledge of correct sentence structure, as well as grammar, punctuation and spelling.  During English lessons students will participate in whole group activities, independent tasks and focused teacher groups that target an identified need or provide greater teacher contact in order to learn more challenging concepts.


This term, students will develop their ability to explain their thinking as they work on their problem solving skills. Concepts to be studied this term include: fractions and decimals, 3D shapes, division and multiplication, area, angles, and measurement.

Religious Education

This term students will further develop their knowledge of the social teaching principles. The year 3s will explore these principles through study of the parables. The Year 4s will be looking at the consequence of their actions and their effect on the world.


The Inquiry focus for Term Three is Technology, students will be learning about solar powered vehicles, and they will be designing their own vehicle to compete in a solar challenge event.

We look forward to working with you throughout the term and please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.

Warm Regards,

Mrs Ryan, Mr Dodds, Miss Mackinnon and Miss Cashin