Week 9 Reading Activities

Respond to reading


Read and listen to the different detective cases and make inferences and predictions based on the information in the text.

For each case record your ability to infer on the Inference / Schema table (E.g. Inference will be ‘the table was bumped’ and schema will be ‘therefore I know a vase may wobble off it and fall to the ground, causing it to break’.

Listen to reading



Watch and listen to the story, The House that Jane built.

After watching and listening to the story complete above the surface and below the surface comprehension task.

Work on words


When adding an s to make a word plural there is a generalisation rule:

  • To make a word plural when it ends in ‘s’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’, or ‘z’ add ‘es’

Complete Plural Nouns task.  Then identify plurals in your read to self book which use this rule.  Add these to the Word Wall.

Week 8 Reading Tasks

Respond to reading


Watch I Need a Monster

After watching I Need a Monster complete the activity, creating your own monster.

Listen to reading

Listen to Two Bad Ants

Once finished complete the Two Bad Ants inference task.

Read to Someone

In pairs, one student reads a descriptive text and the other student draws what has been described in the text.  Once the first person has finished, swap roles and the other student reads a different descriptive text while one draws what is described.

Descriptive writing pieces

Week 7 Reading Activities


We are learning to gather information from explanation texts and respond by answering comprehension questions.

Click on the picture below.

Listen to and read the information presented, at the end answer the comprehension questions.


We are learning to orally explain answers to various questions using information to support the explanation.

Week 6 English


Before watching The Australian Cotton story complete half of the 3-2-1 Bridge thinking tool.

After watching The Australian Cotton story complete the final half of the 3-2-1 Bridge thinking tool.


Watch Why do volcanoes erupt?

While watching Why do Volcanoes erupt? complete the chain sequence graphic organiser, identifying the different steps that cause a volcano to erupt.

Using the chain sequence graphic organiser orally explain to a peer why volcanoes erupt.


Log on to Epic

Search, watch and listen to Studying Weather and Climate.

How does the internet work?

  1. What does the BtN episode explain?
  2. In which decade was the internet invented? a) 1950s b) 1960s c) 1970s
  3. Explain how the internet started.
  4. In which year did Tim Berners-Lee create a system for sharing information around the world?
  5. What did he call it?
  6. How is this information transmitted around the world?
  7. Describe the cables used to transmit the data.
  8. What did you learn watching the BtN story?


Explanation Texts

We are learning to identify the structure and features of explanation texts.

Watch How tsunamis work and then create a diagram, drawing and labelling how a tsunami works.

Explanation texts are written in present tense.  Play the Tense game to practise identifying present tense.


Click on the link explaining explanation texts.  Read the six points of information and than click on the link to take the quiz!

Persuasive Writing – Protest Placards

Writing protest placards.  Select two of the scenarios below and create a persuasive placards.

PROTEST educationPROTEST save our school PROTEST poverty

  • A casino company wants to build a new casino in an old growth forest.  You don’t believe that this is the right location due to the natural significance of the flora and fauna.
  • A company has cut their staff’s pay and is making them work longer hours for less money.  The company’s response is, ‘If you’re not happy, get another job!’
  • Sea turtles are being hunted for their shells, they are now endangered and at risk of extinction.  No one is doing anything to protect the sea turtles and it is continuing at an alarming rate.
  • The government has stopped funding to education for the disabled, as a result disabled children are not receiving quality education in Australia.
  • The animal shelter has too many dogs and they are putting them down after one week in their shelter.

Listen to Reading

Watch the video telling the story, The Day the Crayons Quit.

While listening to the letters of each crayon identify the persuasive features, focusing on the following:

  • Opinion
  • Reasons
  • Examples
  • Opinion Restated



Add your way to $1,000,000!!

Addition Pyramid

Addition Soccer

Addition Concentration (Memory) Game

Match the equation with the answer

1 2 3 4 5 16