Kids Helpline – CyberSafety

This week we spoke to Casey from Kids Helpline.  Casey spoke to us about the work that Kids Helpline do and also about how we can stay safe online.

Talking to us all the way from Queensland she gave us some tips if we see or receive something inappropriate online.

  • We need to STOP and STAY CALM.
  • SHARE it! Let someone you trust know what you’ve seen.



Add your way to $1,000,000!!

Addition Pyramid

Addition Soccer

Addition Concentration (Memory) Game

Match the equation with the answer

Listen to Reading

Click on the book cover above to listen to the story, Danny’s Smelly Toothbrush.

Once you have finished listening to the story, use the blank comic strip template to retell the story.

40 Acts – Let’s do Lent Generously

This Lent students in years 3 & 4 will receive a simple, kind act to perform each day.  Their acts will sit on their table as a reminder to show kindness to others.

Mrs Ryan’s Act #1:

Get to know someone different

Act #2:

Hold the door open for someone else

Guide Dogs Victoria


For inquiry we have been exploring the different community services and charities that exist.

Dorothy and John from Guide Dogs Victoria visited us today along with Dorothy’s guide dog Anya.

What did you learn from Dorothy and Anya’s visit?

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