Young Mary

On Monday 29th August the students of St Kevin’s were thoroughly entertained by a performance of Young Mary.  The play showed the very human side of Australia’s first saint, Saint Mary of the Cross.

What did learn about Mary MacKillop from the play?

What did you learn that surprised you about Mary MacKillop?







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WALTs (We are learning to…)

* Explain what relationships are and why they are important.

* Identify things that strengthen relationships, and things that weaken them.

* Understand how the choices we make might impact on our relationships with others.

I would like you to write a comment on this post please. Your comment needs to answer all three of the following questions:

1. Why do you think relationships are so important?
2. What do you do to strengthen your relationships with others?
3. Name three actions/choices that would seriously damage a relationship.

Ask Holly!

Mildy Sep 10

Holly recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Harriett.

Harriett Fern Southwell

You might be wondering what Holly could feel when she was pregnant with Harriett.  What it felt like when she found out she was pregnant or when she first saw Harriett’s face.

The miracle of new life is an incredible part of life.  The birth of a baby is extremely interesting and we are lucky to have Holly to answers our questions.  Post your questions about pregnancy and birth for Holly to answer.


PicLits is a great tool to help you create stories and poetry.  Select a picture and write a story or poem.  You can Freestyle, writing what you want or you can click and drag the words they have provided.

PicLit from

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It’s lots of fun.  I can’t wait to read your work.

Read mine and give me some feedback.


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Another of ELENA’S PicLits

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John-Robert’s PicLit

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