Back to the ’80’s!

3/4 Goes Back to the ’80’s! on PhotoPeach

Now that you are immersed in the 1980’s, use this post to share your wonderings, write about the ‘treasure’ you have brought in or something your parents might have told you about the 1980’s. Remember to make this a ‘conversation’ by responding to the contributions of others.

Simpson and His Donkey

Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick joined the 3rd Field Ambulance as a stretcher-bearer and was present during the landing at Gallipoli.

What particular dangers did the stretcher-bearers experience?

Why did Simpson say “Bless yee little fella” when he spotted Duffy?

How was Duffy going to be of help?

Under the Sea

This term we have been learning about what lives in the deep ocean.

The students worked in groups, researching and presenting their information to the class.

They did an amazing job.  Enjoy the photos.

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