August 3rd 2017 archive

Legoland & Chaddy Challenge!

Wow! What an excursion!

We were lucky enough to travel to the Legoland Discovery Centre and complete a scavenger style hunt called, the Chaddy Challenge.

At Legoland we learnt how gears work and how multiple gears make a merry-go-round spin faster!

We read clues and a map to complete our challenge.  We even got to buy our own lunch.


The PUSH and PULL Challenge


The town is building a new road.  The truck carrying the rocks for the project broke down. The rocks must be moved to the building site so the workers can keep working.


Build a way to move 5 rocks.  You can PUSH them or PULL them.  You cannot touch the rocks.  You must use the available supplies and stay within a budget of $10.