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Book Week ~ Buddy Rug Reading

Book Week was full of lots of fantastic learning and opportunities to engaging with books.  To end the week we walked with our buddies over to the park.  At the park we shared stories we had written especially for our buddies.

Author Visit – Kristina Murray-Hally

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be visited by author of three books, Kristina Murray-Hally.

Kristina spoke to us about the writing process and how books get published.  Everyday Kristina carries a notebook around with her, writing down ideas and thoughts that she has been inspired by.

We heard about how she was inspired to write one of her books, Max’s Magnificent Glasses.  This book was based on a story about one of her mother’s kindergarten students.  The students were given red glasses to draw what their character sees.

Week 6 Daily 5 Activities

Listen To Reading

Choose and listen to one of the following:

Make text to text, text to self, and text to world connections about your selected story.

Read To Someone

In pairs take turns reading with a partner. While reading locate words that use some of the dependable rime units. Add the words you find to the dependable rime anchor charts.

Read To Self

Choose a book to read for 20 minutes from the Book Week shortlisted tub. Rate the book and leave a short comment about one interesting connection.

  1. Did the book remind you of another book/movie/character?
  2. Did the book remind you of a personal experience?
  3. Did the book remind you of something that happens in the real world?

Work on Words

Create a poem using 6 different dependable rime units.

Respond to Reading

Complete a C.S.I thinking routine (Colour, Symbol and Image), explaining why you chose each element of the thinking routine.

Why did you choose that particular colour?

Why did you choose that particular symbol?

Why did you choose that particular image?

Week 5 – Daily 5 Activities

Listen to reading

Learning Intention:

We are learning to listen to information in documentaries/reports and identify research facts.


Select three of the below documentaries or reports.  While watching, identify three facts presented in each (write them on a post it note) and add to the appropriate fact chart.

History of the Telephone

Invention of the Automobile

Recycling Report

Old Computers

Respond to reading

Learning Intention:

We are learning to identify topic related information to form an information report.


Work on words

Learning Intention:

We are learning to spell high frequency words correctly and to match meanings to prefixes.


Visit Study Ladder and complete, Popular Spelling Rules.


Prefixes jigsaw

Prefix matchup

1 2