Week 9 Reading Activities

Respond to reading


Read and listen to the different detective cases and make inferences and predictions based on the information in the text.

For each case record your ability to infer on the Inference / Schema table (E.g. Inference will be ‘the table was bumped’ and schema will be ‘therefore I know a vase may wobble off it and fall to the ground, causing it to break’.

Listen to reading



Watch and listen to the story, The House that Jane built.

After watching and listening to the story complete above the surface and below the surface comprehension task.

Work on words


When adding an s to make a word plural there is a generalisation rule:

  • To make a word plural when it ends in ‘s’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’, or ‘z’ add ‘es’

Complete Plural Nouns task.  Then identify plurals in your read to self book which use this rule.  Add these to the Word Wall.

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