March 30th 2017 archive

Persuasive Writing – Protest Placards

Writing protest placards.  Select two of the scenarios below and create a persuasive placards.

PROTEST educationPROTEST save our school PROTEST poverty

  • A casino company wants to build a new casino in an old growth forest.  You don’t believe that this is the right location due to the natural significance of the flora and fauna.
  • A company has cut their staff’s pay and is making them work longer hours for less money.  The company’s response is, ‘If you’re not happy, get another job!’
  • Sea turtles are being hunted for their shells, they are now endangered and at risk of extinction.  No one is doing anything to protect the sea turtles and it is continuing at an alarming rate.
  • The government has stopped funding to education for the disabled, as a result disabled children are not receiving quality education in Australia.
  • The animal shelter has too many dogs and they are putting them down after one week in their shelter.