Optical Illusion Art

Optical meaning “eyes” or “sight” and illusions are “something that appears to exist, but does not.” Magic tricks are a great example of optical illusions.  Optical illusions are like magic for your eyes.


1. Using pencil, draw two very different pictures on the Image Page, one in each rectangle. The rectangles should be held vertically. Make sure to fill up the space in each box and use images that are nice and big (little details will get lost in this kind of project).

Step 1: Draw two pictures

2. Once the the images are planned out, outline the pencil drawings with marker and colour in with crayon.

Step 2: Colour pictures in

3. When the two images are done, use a ruler and pencil to divide each drawing into four 2.5cm strips from top to bottom. Leave the “1,2,3,4” and “A, B, C, D” marks on each strip for now to help with placement. Take your time and do a nice, neat job–it will help the optical illusion work better if you do a neat job.

Step 3: Cut pictures into 2.5cm strips

4. Cut away the excess portion of the Accordian Page and fold the rectangle on the fold lines like you are folding a paper fan. Fold the 1/2 tabs at the edges so that they lay flat on the table (you’ll be stapling them to another piece of paper later).

Step 4: Prepare Accordian Fold Page

5. Following the letter and numbers written on the Accordian Page, glue the strips of the two pictures you created onto the Accordian Page with a glue stick. Take your time and do a nice, neat job. Once you are done gluing all of the strips to the Accordian Page and you are sure the illusion is works, you can cut off the excess portions of the image strips (the parts labeled with the letters and numbers).

Step 5: Glue strips onto Accordian Page in alternating order
When done, it looks kind of confusing!

6. Staple the Accordian Page onto the Backing Page. Staple through the 1/2 tabs on the left and right side of your project. This will hold your project in the way that you need for the illusion to work.

Step 6: Staple project to Backing Page

7. Test your illusion out! Tilt your drawing one way and then the other–does your illusion work?

From the left: Fire-breathing Dragon!
From the right: A brave knight!
Step 8: Create a frame

Amaze your friends and family with your Magic Picture!

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    Hi mrs ryan i really like the optical ilusion art i was AWESOME!!!!!!!! have a awesome day. Bye :):)


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