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Week 9 Homework Task – Child Migrants

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Child migrants were sent from Britain over approximately 100 years from the 1860’s to the 1960’s. Many of these children had lost parents during wars and were sent alone over vast oceans to make a new, fresh start whilst helping to populate Australia. Although they were promised a happy future, the anxiety and fear that accompanied them was inevitable. Such child migrants are known as forced migrants or displaced persons.

Read the information, listen to the audio and view the photographs located in the On Their Own: Britain’s Child Migrants website.


Now that you have learnt about Britain’s Child Migrants to Australia answer the three questions and one profile below as a comment:

  • How would you feel being sent on a ship, to a foreign country, at the age of 12?
  • What are the faces of the children in the photographs telling us?
  • Is there ever a “good” or “proper” time for child migration? Why or why not?
  • Profile a child migrant and find out their name, the age that they migrated, when/where they arrived and the memento they took with them.


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