thumb_Photo on 15-01-2016 at 5.22 pm_1024Welcome to Mrs Ryan’s Class Blog.  My name is Rebecca Ryan and I am currently teaching year 3 students.  This blog provides students the opportunity to access educational resources as well as a place where their work can be showcased.

This blog has grown over many years and provides a vast array of educational games and activities for primary aged students.

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Week 5 – Daily 5 Activities

Listen to reading

Learning Intention:

We are learning to listen to information in documentaries/reports and identify research facts.


Select three of the below documentaries or reports.  While watching, identify three facts presented in each (write them on a post it note) and add to the appropriate fact chart.

History of the Telephone

Invention of the Automobile

Recycling Report

Old Computers

Respond to reading

Learning Intention:

We are learning to identify topic related information to form an information report.


Work on words

Learning Intention:

We are learning to spell high frequency words correctly and to match meanings to prefixes.


Visit Study Ladder and complete, Popular Spelling Rules.


Prefixes jigsaw

Prefix matchup

Telstra Museum Excursion

Our Inquiry focus this term is design, communication and technology. To support our learning we travelled to the Telstra Museum to learn all about the evolution of telecommunications.

How has telecommunication changed over the years?

Over the past 70 years, what did you notice about the changes to telecommunications?

What does the prefix tele mean?

What was the highlight of the excursion for you and why?

Share an interesting fact that you learnt.

Week 4 – Daily Five Reading Activities

Read to self

Learning Intention:  We are learning to focus on a text for a sustained amount of time so that we can gather and learn information.

TASK: Select one of the information texts from the collection in the classroom and read independently.

Work on words

Learning Intention:  We are learning to identify key, important words in an information text and create a glossary defining these words.

TASK: Watch Making a Glossary

Using the Emus Information Reportidentify the key, important words and create a glossary for this text.

Respond to reading

Learning Intention: We are learning to identify the topic of each paragraph and formulate subheadings so that a reader can easily access information.

TASK: Read each paragraph, highlighting the facts in each sentence.  For every paragraph write an appropriate subheading.

Emus Information Report

Listen to reading

Learning Intention: We are learning to listen to reading, follow instructions and identify the related information on a topic.

TASK:  World Heritage Kakadu Information Display

Listen to an explanation about Kakadu.  Listen and follow the instructions, identifying information and organising into categories.


Read to someone

Learning Intention:  We are learning to read with expression and fluency so that we can be understood and entertaining to others.

TASK: Select one of the information texts and read aloud to a partner.

Legoland & Chaddy Challenge!

Wow! What an excursion!

We were lucky enough to travel to the Legoland Discovery Centre and complete a scavenger style hunt called, the Chaddy Challenge.

At Legoland we learnt how gears work and how multiple gears make a merry-go-round spin faster!

We read clues and a map to complete our challenge.  We even got to buy our own lunch.


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