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This blog has grown over many years and provides a vast array of educational games and activities for primary aged students.

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Cuc Lam’s Suitcase

Cuc Lam’s Suitcase is an episode of the series National Treasures produced in 2004.

Cuc Lam’s Suitcase
Vietnamese refugee Cuc Lam took family photos and jewellery but sacrificed one precious possession to buy a suitcase, now in Melbourne’s Immigration Museum. Cuc Lam talks to Warren Brown about her journey to Australia and how this small red vinyl bag was a symbol of a new beginning in a new country.

After watching the video ‘Cuc Lam’s Suitcase‘ answer the following questions either in your homework book or as a comment on the blog.


  1. Why is it assumed that family photo albums and precious jewellery would be the items that viewers would save if they had to flee their homes?
  2. Who was Cuc Lam?
  3. Why was she a refugee?
  4. Where did she go to after fleeing Vietnam?
  5. Why did she end up in Australia?
  6. When did she arrive here?
  7. Why did Cuc Lam purchase the suitcase?
  8. Where is Cuc Lam’s suitcase now located and why is it a national treasure?
  9. What has happened to her in Australia?
  10. If you were forced to leave your home forever, what would you take with you?

Week 3 Homework

Please watch the two below videos.

Should famous people be exempt from following the law? 

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 6.06.21 PM

What is Australian Bio security?

Why is it important that we enforce the declaration of objects coming into Australia? What could be the consequences if we don’t?

How can this message help protect Australia from foreign pests?

NEXT write down three arguments that support your point of view. Be prepared to share these to the class and to try and convince others with a different point of view.

Investigating Scales

Investigating: SCALES

Activity 1:

Use the interactive to solve the problems below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 2.51.08 PM

  1. What item has an exact weight of 2.5 Kg?
  2. I weighed two items. Their combined weight was 7800 grams. What were the two items?
  3. One bottle of water weighs 1Kg. What other items weigh the same as one drink bottle when combining their total? (Rounding will be accepted).

Activity 2: 

On side A of your worksheet, record how much you weigh on each planet. The record your weight on the scales rounding off to the nearest Kilogram. (Hint: if it is 500g or above you round up! So if the weight is 9.33Kg, record 9Kg on the scale).

The scales are blank, so don’t forget, your weight goes in the middle, but on either side, the number before and after you weight must be shown too.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 3.02.59 PM

English Viewing Homework – Week One Term Two

Watch the two videos that are related to the Port Arthur Event. Then answer the questions below as a comment.

When did the Port Arthur Massacre occur?

What actions did the government take to reduce gun crime in Australia? Was it successful?

What were some of the positive changes that came from the Port Arthur event?

Write a reflection based on what you have learnt from the two videos.

Protest Placard

Placards are used during protests to deliver concise, yet powerful messages.  View the presentation of protest placards.  Do they evoke emotion from you?  Do they clearly state their position on the topic?

After viewing the presentation select from one of the below scenarios.  Create a protest slogan and leave as a comment.

  • A resort company wants to build a new resort in the old army barracks at Port Nepean, in Portsea.  You don’t believe that this is the right location due to the historical and natural significance.
  • A company has cut their staff’s pay and is making them work longer hours for less money.  The company’s response is, ‘If you’re not happy, get another job!’
  • Sea turtles are being hunted for their shells, they are now endangered and at risk of extinction.  No one is doing anything to protect the sea turtles and it is continuing at an alarming rate.
  • The government has reduced funding to education for the disabled, as a result disabled children are not receiving quality education in Australia.
  • The animal shelter has too many dogs and they are putting them down after one week in their shelter.

Stations of the Cross

Each class in our school created a display to tell the story of each station of the cross.  Together students walked around the school, stopping at each station and reading the meditation and prayer.

St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Read the following two articles that explain St. Patrick’s Day traditions and a bit about St. Patrick. After this, create a Bio Cube based on information you learnt about St. Patrick.





The complete a Bio Cube on St. Patrick.

How to create a Bio cube? Follow the instructions in the picture.

Bio Cube Instructions

Once you have finished, please leave a comment saying what you learnt today, and how you might celebrate St. Patrick’s day tonight. Please remember to only use your first name!

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